Design-a-Den Tips

Here are some inspirational hints on how you can create your imaginary den!



Design tip 1: SKETCH

Hey, you only need a pen and paper to enter our Design-a-Den Challenge! Why not sketch your dream den? Check out one of our architect’s sketches here that has since become a reality.  It’s called The Birdhide and you can find it on the Chatsworth Estate.  Read about it here


Design tip 2: MODEL

Why not check the recycling box or craft cupboard and build a model of your den? This is a great opportunity to really get across the recycling element of your hideaway!  This could include card, paper, lolly sticks, plastic bottles, wood.  So, glue guns at the ready…


Design tip 3: COLOUR IN & PAINT

You can’t beat good old felt tip pens, pencils and paints to let your imagination run wild.  Getting arty has so many benefits too from improving focus to building confidence.


Design tip 4: BUILD

Get the kids out in the garden, the woods or clear the decks indoors and develop their building skills!  Items can range from branches to blankets…clothes horse to clothes pegs…furniture to foliage and fairy lights.


Design tip 5: ECO-FRIENDLY

If your design is good enough for the planet, then it’s good enough for our competition 😊. Our judges will be looking out for the eco-friendly elements of your hideaway.  Get the kids to research eco homes – there are some amazing ones out there to give them some den inspiration!