Derwent Hydro Stations

Chatsworth Settlement Trust
Working within the context of Chatsworth House (Grade 1 Listed) our brief was to co-ordinate the technical requirements of an Archimedes screw type hydro stations with an enclosure appropriate to their setting on the Upper and Lower weirs on the River Derwent.

Whilst the client’s aspirations were clearly in making an enclosure that was modern and a sculptural element within the park setting; during consultation with Historic England and Peak Park planning it became apparent that the hydro stations were perceived as industrial buildings.
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Our approach was to provide a simple elegant stone clad enclosure integrated into the existing river bank with an open mesh enclosure to the Archimedes Screw.

The success of the project was in co-ordinating archaeology, ecology and Derwent Hydro to communicate openly with the statutory consultees and allow the design to evolve.
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