Performance Space & Cinema

Project Design:
Project Realisation:
Multifunctional performance space and cinema (91 seats).

Peak Architects were commissioned to reconfigure an existing space into a multifunctional performance space and cinema, to meet the client’s desire to operate a flexible cultural offer. Part of a wider facility that serves food and beverages, the space benefits from other cultural facilities such as exhibition spaces.

Visitors enter the space through an acoustic lobby, serving as storage space for seating and tiered podia for the cinema set up. Above this storage space sits the digital projector.

Fully accessible with level access, wheelchair users have prime seats at the front and movable seating ensures the space accommodates for all levels of mobility.

The interior is designed in a contemporary way, based on the traditional theatre colour ‘red’ as the main theme. A range of red tones creates a pixelated pattern of seats and expresses the vibrancy of the space. The walls are timber panelled, painted dark grey, using a series of modular widths, reducing offcuts and waste. The panels enhance the acoustic quality of the space whilst adding layers of materiality and texture.

Overhead lighting rigs and the latest sound technology offer a fully immersive visitor experience.

Visuals by Mvize
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