RIBA Plan of Work

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) developed the ‘Plan of Work’ in 1963 and has recently revised the original document into its present format, issued in May 2013. The purpose of the Plan of Work 2013 is to organise the process of briefing, designing, constructing, maintaining, operating and using building projects into a number of key stages. It details the tasks and outputs required at each stage, which may vary or overlap to suit specific project requirements.

The RIBA Plan of Work 2013 itself is not a contractual document: it should be read as a guide and used in-conjunction with supplementary core documents used by a project team, including documents relating to professional services contracts, Schedules of Services and project protocols, which may or may not be contractual, and to the various forms of commonly used Building Contracts.

As a guide and for points of reference we would normally equate the following stages within the Plan of work as follows:

  • Planning Submission                                           STAGES 2/3
  • Building Regulations                                            STAGES 3/4
  • Tender and Contractor Appointment               STAGE 4
  • Site Operations                                                      STAGES 5/6

To view the RIBA’s ‘Plan of Work’ please click here.